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DFS and UH students inspired by nature
April 9th, 2012

dfs1Nadine Kam photos
Bo Tanaka wears a dress created by UH student designer Kate Hooven, from silk fabric donated by internationally renowned textile artist Akihiko Izukura.

I'm sitting in the Narita airport now, waiting for a connecting flight to Shanghai, and thought I'd catch up with my posting.

DFS Galleria Waikiki and students in the Apparel Product Design and Merchandising program at the University of Hawaii presented “Inspired by Nature,” a beauty and fashion collaboration event April 7.

Those who stopped by early in the afternoon could watch students Kitti Kurokawa and Ryan Hanaoka and their assistants using fresh flowers to create a floral garment.

Then in the evening, student stylists squared off in an “Inspired by Nature" fashion show that used garments pulled from DFS retailers as an expression of nature, using garden party and other inspired by nature themes. Students dressed female models, while stylists from DFS showed their skill in a men's competition, with nature's color themes that included ocean and sunset hues.

Kitti Kurokawa with his floral creation.

A highlight of the evening was a showing of student designers' garments created from raw silk textiles donated by internationally renowned textile artist Akihiko Izukura.

Based on Izukura’s work with natural dyes, each student dyed fabric using local natural dyes from the lipstick tree, red dirt and turmeric. The senior designers also applied Izukura’s philosophy of “zero waste” when constructing their garments.

Izukura has done an amazing job spreading his message since presenting shows and workshops here beginning in January. He has touched creatives and those with an eye for beauty, everywhere from the Honolulu Museum of Art to TEMARI Center for Asian and Pacific Arts, working with both students and professional textile artists.

While I was watching the show, i noticed a woman sitting across from me who looked remarkably like actress Marcia Gay Harden, who's been in films like "Mystic River," "Meet Joe Black" and "Into the Wild."

"Nah, can't be," I thought. "She just looks a lot like her." If a celeb is going to attend, we usually hear about it in advance. Turned out, the actress was simply in town for a vacation with her family, and she was spotted in the crowd and offered a seat.

Afterward, as everyone clamored to take pictures with her, she couldn't have been more gracious. And she was thrilled to have seen the students' work. The annual senior fashion show is also coming up quick, on the UH campus April 29. Check out their Facebook page for details.

A Beauty After Dark event followed, with everyone invited to the second-floor DFS Beauty World for product demos and refreshments.

Winning student stylist Amanda Adachi, right, with her model Eva Avery, and model Jesse McCleary in an ocean-inspired ensemble styled by a DFS professional.

Midweek's Yu Shing Ting, actress Marcia Gay Harden and Amanda Stevens. Marcia told Yu Shing she looks like she could be Lucy Liu's sister.

dfs7Marcia with Whilhelmina stylist Tyson Joines.

dfs10UH designer Ryan Hanaoka's floral creation.

dfs2Mayo Christi in a creation by UH APDM graduate Jamie Higa, who's now employed by DFS.

dfs5Shez Hannemann in a sunset-inspired look, styled by DFS's Kana Hirabayashi and Sophia Andreas.

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