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A piece of Hawaii at Olympic games

July 31st, 2012

usviPhoto courtesy Surf Line Hawaii/Jams World
The U.S. Virgin Islands Olympics team donned Jams World's Blutapa retro men's shirts to march in the games opening ceremonies July 27.

In analyzing the national costumes worn during the opening ceremonies of the Olympic games, The Bleacher Report assigned the U.S. Virgin Islands team an A, writing:

  • "The Virgin Islands went with the sweet Hawaiian shirt that you can't pull off outside of of a tropical island. Although, apparently you can pull it off on the British Isles as well! The Virgin Islands were one of the final nations to walk the parade and really ended it with a bang."

It turns out that "sweet Hawaiian shirt" is really a Hawaiian shirt from Jams World.

Says Surf Line Hawaii/Jams World's Pua Rochlen, "An account we sell (to) in the Virgin Islands contacted us. They said the team asked if they could get a bunch of shirts for their team. They notified us and we shipped it out last month."

This is the second time the team has entered the games wearing Jams World, which was also seen by viewers of the Beijing Games.

blutapaThe Blutapa men's retro shirt is $98 at

In comparison, the U.S. team outfits designed by Ralph Lauren received a C+ from the site, which said, "These uniforms are just not that bad—although not terribly creative."

U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

July 31st, 2012

rwbolyDallas Nagata White photos

As divided as this country may be in the political arena, there's nothing like backing a winning team in the sports arena to unite left and right in reminding us we all have a stake in a strong U.S.A.

These red, white and blue fashion shots were taken by photographer Dallas Nagata White for the relaunch of her blog/website, with styling by Tyson Joines of Wilhelmina Hawaii, for the Fourth of July, but they still seem timely in light of the Olympics and sense of national pride instilled by the games.

Dallas has been in the news lately since her "Lava Kiss" photo, entered in the National Geographic Traveler photography contest, caught the eye of Gizmodo, the Huffington Post and Glamour, among other sites, who deemed her kiss with her husband Ed the "hottest kiss ever!"

You can see more of her work at her site.



rwbfaceDon't forget red, white and blue makeup, on Calli Wagner, is an option. Makeup by Zairrah Gee.

rwbA stunning shot of Wagner with fireworks show as backdrop.

Meet Q-pot designer Sunday for peek at Jake ukulele design

July 27th, 2012

ukuleleNadine Kam photos
Q-pot's Peace of Chocolate Ukulele Necklace is $140. The Peace of Chocolate Ukulele Brooch is $95.

In a fund-raising collaboration, Q-pot's Japan-based designer Tadaaki Wakamatsu teamed up with Honolulu musician Jake Shimabukuro in coming up with a Ukulele design for the 6th annual Toro-ri Ribbon Project.

The two creative artists met during the Toro-ri Ribbon Project Vol. 3, in early 2011. In an interview this morning in Waikiki, Wakamatsu said he and Shimabukuro formed an instant friendship. He said it's not difficult to see why his countrymen are infatuated with Jake. "Even though he doesn't speak much Japanese, his voice, his spirit, his music is how he communicates. It's like a universal language.

"Jake has the same love for art, peace and love, and music is how he spreads that message. There's something special about his music."

Wakamatsu bought a ukulele from Shimabukuro's brother Bruce at the Sheraton Waikiki, and Jake taught him how to play a few notes on the ukulele. Wakamatsu's only other musical experience was playing the flute in school. They reunited later that summer when Shimabukuro performed in Japan after the earthquake and tsunami there, and came up with the idea of the “Ukulele player Jake Shimabukuro × Q-pot" collaboration accessory.

They both share a love of chocolate and music, so it was natural for them to take the ukulele (Jake's symbol) and chocolate (Q-pot's signature), and meld them together. The ukulele jewelry is designed to look like chocolate, with wood from the Tohoku region, which bore the brunt of the natural disasters.

wakamatsuQ-pot designer Tadaaki Wakamatsu wears the line's “Ukulele player Jake Shimabukuro × Q-pot" collaboration brooch. Fans of the brand can meet the designer when he appears at the Ala Moana Center store from 1:30 to 3 p.m. July 29.

A portion of the sales from the collection will be donated to the Rainbow for Japan Kids Project, a charity program launched by Hawaii volunteers, through the Miyagi Bikki Organization’s Bikki Children’s Fund. Donations will be fund two-week educational and cultural exploration trips to Hawaii for child victims of the 2011 Japan Earthquake, who lost friends and family. jakeUkulele virtuoso Jake Shimabukuro.

Sales in Japan will start from Aug. 9 in Q-pot's online shop and on Jake's Japan online shop. Sales in Japan stores will launch in Q-pot's Harajuku flagship shop starting from Sept. 15. Pieces will also be available at each venue on Jake's Japan Tour 2012, starting Sept. 15.

Q-Pot fans can meet the designer when he appears at the Ala Moana Center store from 1:30 to 3 p.m. July 29. He'll be bringing 15 pieces each of two exclusive items, a Very Berry Cupcake cell-phone strap ordinarily only available online in Japan, and a Petit Strawberry Cake strap only available at the Harajuku store. (Purchases are limited to one per style, per person.) Customers who make a purchase of $80 or more that day will receive a Tranoi tote bag from the "Tranoi" fashion exhibit in Paris, while supplies last. (Limited to one per person.)


While talking to Wakamatsu, I also got a sneak peek at his fall collection which people might consider the opposite of his dessert creations. I'm not at liberty to show you the photos right now, but I can say he revisits the table, with some items that would not be out of place on Thanksgiving Day. All I can tell you is that it is delightful, as usual, and would also not be out of place on my other blog, Take a Bite.

Balenciaga due at Ala Moana Center

July 27th, 2012

Coming soon to Ala Moana Center: Looking forward to the October opening.


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Doesn't everyone need a little pink dress?

July 27th, 2012

redvNadine Kam photo
Another object of desire.

I'm in stores and looking at clothes all the time, so sometimes I feel really jaded and meh about what I see, but this RED Valentino dress at Neiman Marcus stopped me in my tracks and made me gasp, even though pink's not my color.

Light silk chiffon floating over crinoline for volume. I believe it's belted above the natural waistline. Sales person came and shook it around just as I was taking the photo. I don't like to be bothered when shopping so I ran away but noted: Must. Try. On.

Shop Stella & Dot with Mrs. America

July 27th, 2012

tributeStella & Dot photo
Sales of the Stella & Dot Tribute Bracelet, $36, will help raise funds for ovarian cancer research.

Hawaii's Mrs. America 2011 Lara Leimana Fonoimoana is inviting all to join her in "A Tribute for a Cure," an online Stella & Dot trunk show today through July 29, to raise funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

In addition to shopping the line of affordable fashion jewelry, all proceeds from sales of a Tribute Bracelet ($36)—a rose gold pave bar anchoring a band of faceted hematite beads, with adjustable cord—will go to the fund.

laraMrs. America 2011 Lara Leimana Fonoimoana.

You can now shop at and click on "Ovarian Fundraiser" as your trunk show.

Click on Tribute Bracelet in the search column and add to cart. You will be asked to create an account which will be for checkout purposes and will take no more than 2 minutes.

The tribute bracelet raised more than $128,000 last October and Lara's goal is to sell 100 bracelets for the cause.

While browsing, you can also shop for other pieces, such as this La Folie necklace ($49) with semi-precious smoky quartz and amethyst stones on a gold-plated brass chain with a textured teardrop gold-plated brass pendant. ...

stella2... Or the Gitane tassel necklace, $69, a timeless rosary-style gold-plated brass necklace with faceted metallic glass beads. For versatility, the tassel is removeable, and the necklace can be worn long or doubled.

Nicole Richie for Macy's collection due in September

July 23rd, 2012

Nicole Richie for Impulse only at Macy's_sketch 2Macy’s will team up with Nicole Richie for a special collection to be carried exclusively by the retailer this fall.

The “Nicole Richie for Impulse only at Macy’s” will feature exclusive, limited-edition apparel inspired by Richie’s trendsetting bohemian glamour, including 1970s influenced silhouettes, prints and fabrications, offered at approximately $49 to $149.

The Nicole Richie capsule will include looks that easily transition from day to night. From maxis and asymmetrical skirts, to cropped tops and fitted jackets.

Look for retro prints including a peacock kaleidoscope, feather and deco chevron, while matte satin, velvet and chiffon fabrications add a touch of luxury.

Here's the first illustration they're releasing.

Kat Reeder debuts at LeSportsac

July 22nd, 2012

leNadine Kam photos
Artist Kat Reeder, center, made her LeSportsac debut this month. She's with LeSportsac's Edna Hechtman, left, and Cindy Eastman. Meet the artist from 6 to 9 p.m. July 27 at LeSportsac at Royal Hawaiian Center.

LeSportsac held a press reception on July 20 to introduce its latest collection featuring Kat Reeder's exclusive Hawaiian print "Moana Ahe."

Her fusion of pin-up art and 1960s Tropicalia seems tailor-made for Hawaii, hitting all the nostalgic notes that resonate with many a kama'aina and visitor's image of the islands, with a warm palette and imagery of island girls, ocean and landscapes.

The Peruvian-American illustrator had been working as a graphic artist in Miami and fell in love with Hawaii on vacation, vowing to return to live one day.

"It's a very visual city, with so much color. Miami is very similar but Hawaii is much more romantic. When I came here, I just felt it was home."

Here, she felt confident to quit working for others and work for herself, developing her own style. She had grown up drawing Disney characters and later developed a passion for anime.

Reeder said she'd visited LeSportsac many times, and appreciated their prints, never imagining she would see her own work on their bags one day.

"I wondered how artists got to create these wonderful prints and just kind of hoped and dreamed that maybe one day it would be me, and when they called me I couldn't believe it."

posterThe 2009 Women's Triple Crown poster that caught the attention of LeSportsac.

LeSportsac buyer Edna Hechtman said she had seen Reeder's work on the Women's Triple Crown poster in 2009, then while working with Raiatea on last fall's "Mele" print, realized Reeder also had worked on Raiatea's CD cover, and it cemented the company's decision to seek her out.

Regional sales director Cindy Eastman announced that night, "We've already hit record sales with this print," while explaining that "print" does not entail a single design. "It's not just drawn on one piece of paper. There are a lot of rules involved in putting the pieces together."

Because of the way the bags are constructed, imagery has to be legible in many nooks, and the bag really comprises artwork from four large paintings and two small paintings, all on display that evening.

"It was a lot of effort," Reeder said. "All the parts were drawn independently. There's a lot of texture in my work so I was concerned how it would look, but it turned out fabulous. It looks just like the image, true to life."

Meet the artist from 6 to 9 p.m. July 27 at LeSportsac at Royal Hawaiian Center. At that time, you may win pieces from the Moana Ahe Collection, including a first prize travel set, second prize handbag, and third prize cosmetic accessory. Entries are being accepted now through that evening. Call 971-2920 for more information.

le2The Moana Ahe collection, comprising six of Kat Reeder's paintings, some of which are shown below.





le6In a sneak preview, LeSportsac also showed Kat Reeder's design, launching in October 2012, "Paradise Bloom."

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