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Movie night on 'Project Runway'

August 1st, 2014

Lifetime photos"Project Runway" judges prepared for movie night.


Episode 2: Unconventional Movie Nite

The designers wake up to popcorn and start imagining what that might entail.

They're thinking movies or red carpet, but it is a double whammy: their first unconventional materials challenge ... and even more dreaded team challenge.

Already, there is the feeling among the designers that Angela Sum and Sandhya Garg are the weakest among them so the focus is on their teams. Hawaii designer Kini Zamora is safely a part of the purple team that includes Mitchell Perry and Char Glover.

The materials are things you would find in a movie theater, from tickets to concession straws, and the challenge is for the three-person teams to create a cohesive collection of three garments.

I haven't really been wowed by the designers to date, and due to the nature of the materials, most of the creations have a crafty feel to them. The exception is Sean Kelly's "Cruella de Vil"-inspired coat of white straws. I thought it was easily the best garment of the night.

Zamora's team opts to create blue cocktail dresses. It doesn't sound promising when, during mentor Tim Gunn's critique session, he asks Zamora of his design, "Is it going to be a big braiding pupu platter?"

Kini Zamora's bulky design looked like a school project.


Kini Zamora's bulky design looked like a school project.

In the end, Amanda Valentine wins by default. After announcing the winning and losing teams, judge and co-host Heidi Klum tell Angela that her team—with Kelly and Fäde zu Grau—could have been the winning team, but her design brought them down.

She had layered flowers of cut paper over a shift, like a third-grade project, that had nothing to do with the movie villains theme her teammates had chosen. She also had the audacity to tell Sean, who had offered to help her cut flowers, that it wouldn't help because the "hand" would be different, as if her crude flowers were distinctive.

The judges did like the energy, variation of materials and styles, color and cohesiveness of Valentine's team, that also includes Korina Emmerich and Kristine Guico.

As for Garg's losing team, judges said that hers was the worst look that brought her team down, but because of her previous week's win, she could not be eliminated. Either Carrie Sleutskaya or Hernan Lander would go. After much whining from Sleutskaya, judges decide immaturity is her downfall as a designer and human being, so bye bye.

Amanda Valentine's winning retro/futuristic "Barbarella"-inspired dress.


Amanda Valentine's winning retro/futuristic "Barbarella"-inspired dress.

Carrie Sleutskaya's simple and ill-fitting celluloid creation got her voted out.


Carrie Sleutskaya's simple and ill-fitting celluloid creation got her voted out.

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