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Shanghai style

April 14th, 2012

Nadine Kam photos
At the entrance to the shows at Taipingqiao Park, Xintiandi.

Check out Shanghai's fashion tribe. They are fearless about incorporating color.

Someone I know who saw some of these photos in advance said Shanghai style is not as polished as New York style.

Is it supposed to be? I think every city has its own style. Their dressing also suits the shorter Asian frame, and speaking as a short Asian, I learned very early that bold color does a long way in compensating for being unable to pull off the long, lean look.

The overcast, smoggy sky also has a muting effect. On a smoggy day, you can't even see buildings in the distance. Color is a remedy for any sense of gloom that comes with a rainy day.

The site is a lake that was partially drained, at a cost of $200,000 RMB (divide by 6 for U.S. dollars, I can't do math right now)  for the construction of a Bryant Park-like tent over scaffolding on the water. A partial view of the tent can be seen towad the right. How come things like this can happen quickly in every place but Hawaii?


There is security everywhere, whether police, military or traffic monitors to keep motorists in line. Drivers are in a rush here, but not as crazy as in Hong Kong or Rome. What makes it hazardous is looking out for the multitude of bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles and cart drivers who don't obey traffic lights and go anywhere. Sometimes in a one-way street, I forget to look the other way and was brushed by a moped rider yesterday.






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